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Allow us to introduce ourselves

SureBridge IT provides a unique approach to delivering relevant ICT services & solutions.

SureBridge IT is a Brisbane based IT cloud and managed services, hardware and maintenance specialist servicing clients across Australia. Along with expertise in systems integration and storage, SureBridge specialises in providing custom IT solutions and support to businesses of all sizes with a major emphasis on client service. Partnering with the largest brands in the IT industry, SureBridge has built a reputation of being trusted IT consultants and solutions providers to small business, enterprise and Government agencies.

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SureBridge, one of the leading IT Companies in Brisbane

Founded in Brisbane in 1992 by Brisbane local Rick Brown, SureBridge IT has remained flexible by moving with industry trends to provide the most relevant IT services available today.

As the future becomes today, we continue to expand our knowledge, business size, capabilities, and client base by spending time with clients to understand their business.

We can provide an exceptional range of services, but until we get to know your business, it seems a little irrelevant, don’t you think?

Quality assurance is a high priority of SureBridge IT, one of the leading IT Companies in Brisbane, which is why we have aligned with only the best technology partners in the world. By aligning with these partners, we are in the best position to offer the client a product that best suits their business technology environment, rather than having to ‘make the solution fit’.

SureBridge IT services a wide variety of organisations across all business types:

  • Local and State Government
  • Schools and universities
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Enterprise

Our objective is to provide IT services that are relevant to your business and empower your business performance.

SureBridge Company Values

We believe in finding a way to do things better

  • We innovate through the way we think
  • We reject complacency
  • We challenge each other to find a better way

We have a genuine belief in our solutions

  • We understand our solutions
  • We trust the solutions
  • We believe in the relevance of our solutions

We do things for the right reasons

  • We treat our clients like we are in their business
  • We treat partners like they are an extension of SureBridge
  • We treat our brand like it is our own

We have the best people in the right positions

  • We strive to educate and learn
  • We trust and believe in each other
  • We are passionate, disciplined and committed to our cause

We are a team

  • We work together, play together, laugh together and learn from each other
  • We help, support, and drive each other to be better
  • We speak freely

We treat our clients, partners and colleagues with honesty, respect and courtesy

  • We approach engagements with the view to forming mutually beneficial relationships
  • We embrace collaboration and feedback
  • We have a genuine interest in clients, partners and each other

We are easy to do business with

  • We maintain clear and regular communication
  • We understand our people, our offerings, our values, our vision and our history
  • We are versatile in the way we solve our clients’ problems
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